Schmelzer Musical Instruments
Specialist Shop for Wind Instruments
and Brass

Trombones, Trumpets, French horns,
Tubas, Saxophones, Clarinets,
Wood wind instruments and Banjos

Target group:
everyone, from the beginners up to the professional musicians: pupils, students, music teachers, musicians.

Especially in the field of music the choice of a good instrument that satisfies a musician's expectations is dependent on good and competent advice, particularly when professional musicians are critical and discriminating in their choice of instruments. A musical instrument always should meet the individual request of the musicians. It is this fundamental attitude which has been represented from the beginning in "Schmelzer Musical Instruments, Specialist Shop for Wind Instruments and Brass".

That's why great value is placed on good, individual and technical advice as well as on the modification and service of instruments. Furthermore it is very important to advise the customers in their choice of the mouthpieces as this is essential to play an instrument optimally.

As beginners don't have any idea what has to be taken into account when buying a wind instrument, we take special care to advise them.

View of the salesroom

with a pleasant atmosphere.

A great selection of instruments is always available.
For 30 years, our company has sold and
brass and wood wind instruments
so that it has become a high quality
specialist shop, renowned in the
international musical world.


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