In order to give some idea of the many expressions of approval with the Schmelzer Trombones
(by references, sales exhibitions or actions) you can read a selection of highly appreciative comments
by some wellknown musicians.

Doug Elliot

Mouthpiecemaker and Player by Artie Shaw Band. Air of Note ect.
Plays a Schmelzer nr. 1 Trombone Goldplated.

Video on YouTube:
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You



Chris Barber, Great Britain


"I play the Horn for 10 years every day. I like the sound and how easy it speaks."

Joe Wulf, Deutschland

Modell 1 - Sterling Silber
Ausschnitt aus der CD:

"Joe Wulf Quintett -
Live at the Stellwerk"

Der Sound hat auf Grund des Materials einen brillanten Klang.

Claude Remacle
First Trombone with "Radio Orchester Brüssel, Belgien"

Mot Manfred
J`ai essayé presque tous les trombones sur le marché, mais mon Schmelzer Modèle1 reste mon préféré. C`est un trombone extraordinaire, il possède toutes les qualités que ce soit au niveau du son, de la facilité d'émission ou de la coulisse très légère et facile à manier. De plus, c'est un très bel instrument.
I thoroughly enjoy playing it!!
Thank you Manfred
Claude Remacle

Greg Boyer, Maceo Parker & Prince

"This is the Horn of my Dreams!!"
Schmelzer Modell nr.3 Copper

Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Greg Boyer
Greg plays the Schmelzer Trombone nr.3 Copper Bell - Prince & Maceo Parker


Bertil Strandberg, plays w. Stockholm Jazz Orch. Jazz Baltica Orch.

"I've played just about every trombone on the market, but I must say that my Schmelzer Model Nr. 2 Trombone tops them all."

"...The first time that I tried it I knew right away that this trombone is something out of the ordianry. It has a beautiful warm sound. It speaks so easy ant its sound is so full that the instrument vibrates in your hands when you play it.
When I play fast lines on it, it responds quicker and more accurately than any other horn that I've ever tried. Its intonation is almost magical. I did not think it was possible to make a trombone so well in tone.... To sum it up: Fellow trombone players: This is the instrument we've all been waiting for!...
P.S. It looks great too. D.S.


Bertil Strandberg with 3 students in the
SummerCamp in Visingbö-Sweden
are playing the
Schmelzer Trombone model nr.2 - gold-plated.



Bertil Strandberg and 5 Swedish musicians are playing Schmelzer Trombones
in the SummerCamp 2006 in Visingbö-Sweden .


TON SEEGERS Venlo Nederland

Plays : Score Jazz Orchestra

Plays 1st Schmelzer No. 5 Bass Trombone with ROTAX

Plays 2nd Schmelzer in Goldbrass Bell.


Young National Orchestra of Catalunya-Barcelona.

Plays Schmelzer Bass Trombone No. 5


Benno Reinhard
Professional Posaunist from Stuttgart, Germany

He plays in several
Big Bands and Jazz Orchester

the Schmelzer No. 1 is sensational !!

He plays also
Schmelzer No. 1 Gold
Schmelzer No. 2 Gold


Victor Eloy Lopez Cerezo
Professor de Trombone Conservatorio Malaga, Spain.

He plays Schmelzer Trombone No. 4 open Flow Valve in Goldbrasbell


Ruben Velasco Ascona
Professor de Trombone in Pamplona (Conservatorio)

He plays Schmelzer Bass Trombone No. 5


Dave Bargeron B.S&T USA

The horn is really great. The Best!!


A. Schwersenz
Würth Big Band

He plays Schmelzer Bass Trombone No. 5 with 925 Sterling Silber Bell

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