Junior trombonist Jason Cash was awarded first prize in the International Trombone Association's Larry Wiehe Tenor Trombone Competition for trombonists age 23 and under. Jason's prize is a custom small bore tenor trombone donated by Schmelzer Trombones.


Hisashi Ito, Japan

This Schmelzer-bass-trombone Model Nr. 5
is the only one
in the world.


Mr. Ito has made-to-order trombone. He got to know Mr. Manfred Schmelzer, the trombone manufacturer (he is also a trombonist) in Germany by Internet and asked him to produce. This bass-trombone (model nr. 5) is gold-plated and has a beautiful engraving on the bell.

He plays Schmelzer Trombone nr. 2 Gold and here he tells us more about "his Schmelzer Trombone" .


Alex Jeun, USA

the famous American musician and First Price Winner Jazz Solo at Eastern Trombone Workshop 2005, Washington.

Jazz Evening at the Rainbow Room NYC February 2006
Alex Jeun & Dave Chamberlain play
"Schmelzer Trombone modell 2".

Matthew Echols, United States Navy, Virgina

"Hello Mr. Schmelzer, My name is Matthew Echols, and I first want to tell you that your company is by far, the best in the world. I am a trombonist in the United States Navy. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have been playing the trombone for 26 years, and I can honestly say that I have never heard, seen, or played on a better trombone, than my model number 3.
I purchased mine back in 1998, after an extrememly long and painful search for the perfect horn, I am so happy that I found it. It still plays beautifully. I have also convinced all of my trombone buddies that the Schmelzer trombone is the one for them, they all want one! "

Stief Behnke, tb & Fats von Gerolstein, tp machen seit 1984 gemeinsam Musik bei der Sun Lane LTD New Orleans Jazzband of Aachen.
Schmelzer Posaune mit super leichter Ansprache und rundem, wunderschönem Ton – auch für Dinner Jobs hervorragend geeignet. Eindeutige Stärke ist ihre saubere Klarheit bei sanftem Spiel.
Schmelzer Louisiana Trompete mit trocken knackigem Ton. Traum Instrument für Gigs aller Art. Einwandfreie Maschine.
Ein Vergnügen, diese Instrumente im brüderlichen Kollektiv zu spielen: A really master blend of trombone & trumpet: You’ll love to hear this brass brotherhood.

Links: www.sunlane.de

Stief Behnke und Fats von Gerolstein,
Sun Lane LTD New Orleans Jazzband of Aachen

Markus Plum, Germany

Posaunist der Band:
Final Virus - Hard Rock Band
Link: www.final-virus.de

Demo-Video Markus Plum mit Schmelzer Posaune Modell Nr.1

Photo by
SunnyBabe Production: http://www.webdesign.maxign.de http://www.sannybabe.de

"... I write to tell you how wonderful your instrument is, and to thank you for building such a fine trombone. ... First of all the instrument is beautiful. It's practically a work of art. The care and craftmanship you put into the horn is obvious.... The sound of Schmelzer model 2 gets is unique. Words like smooth, pure, rich yet complex only gets in the way of describing a truly magnificent horn.
Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay you is the compliment I received from my collegues after they heard me play your horn. "That horn sounds real easy to play".
I found that one of the strengths of your instruments is its high range. What an effortless joy to play the Schmelzer Model 2...."

Robert Lustrea,

Peter van Steen

Peter van Steen - Jazzposaunist
aus den Niederlanden

Hi Manni, here a short message from Holland.

As you know, for the last four days we enjoyed the international JazzFestival in our hometown Breda again. I had to play all days and again got many compliments regarding your trombone. Fellow musicians came to me telling me they liked the rich, clear and warm sound. And one tromboneplayer especially was very jealous of the engravements on the sterling sliverbell.
As you know, the same thing happened to me last time I was in England when Max Collie of the Max Collie Rhythm Aces came to me asking if my trombone was from that guy in Germany. He also was very charmed with the sound and he was amazed that I could produce a very warm sound in the very low register( pedal F) with the small bell my trombone has. Long live sterling silver.
The combination of your trombone and my Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece is; for me; ameezing.

Manni, many thanks for your craftmanship and hope to see you soon.
Best regards, Peter

Hi Manfred,

I've played your Model 2 for about 12 years...always loved the horn. Now I have the Schmelzer Gold Brass bell that you recently sent to me. This bell further enhances the horn...great sound, core, & ease of playing. Manfred has made the art of trombone playing one of joy & enthusiasm.

Ed Bagatini
Midwest free-lance trombonist
St. Joseph, Michigan USA



Ed Bagatini

Ed Bagatini - Midwest free-lance trombonist, USA

Morten Lindstrøm, Jazztrombonist in Denmark

Dear Manfred!
Just to let you know, as promised, a feed back about your trombone making. I am very satisfied with the trombone. It responds even more easily now, as I have played it some time. Have to hold back pushing it in between, as it reacts to all I want it to do. It reaches the high pitch tone, with a great volume, which I have never tried before with my Bach and Conn horns. Also I enjoy your band's CD. The very relaxed and back leaned rythm section you have, yourself and the very good clarinet player you have. Conclusion: You are not going to have this horn back ever, as I shall be going to use it for many years to come.
Morten Lindstrøm

Walter Spermann,
Isertaler Blasmusik, München
"Neben der technischen Präsenz, wird vor allen Dingen die tonliche Brillianz bewundert.."

Vilkar Markus-Kell,
Orchesterdirektor Nationales Symphonie Orchester Tallin Estland
"Thank you for the Meisterinstrument."

Bobby Burgees,
Woody Hermann Band, USA
"Your Trombone is the Best I ever played and I played them all."

Ch. Dreyfuss
"Your Trombones are wonderful in the upper range and Buddy said the response was dead even in every register and the partials were perfectly spaced and that your slides are very light and wonderfull."

David Dievenford, Grand Rapids, USA
"I recently drove from West Michigan to Rayburn Music in Boston so that I could play (and possibly purchase) a Model 2. It was definitely worth the trip. I had been playing a Bach 36 with the sterling bell and light weight slides. I had thought that was a very nice instrument. It doesn't remotely compare to your Model2. I purchased the trombone and I thoroughly enjoy playing it. The slide action is perfect. The intonation is flawless. The tone is pure, and it responds extremely well."

Ed Bagatini
"I am proud to play Schmelzer-Trombones."

David Sawall

Dave Sawall Biography
Upon completing high school Dave he won an audition with the 62nd Army Band in Elpaso, Texas. After returning to Appleton, Dave received the big call to perform with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra under the direction of famed trombonist Buddy Morrow. He toured throughout the U.S., Canada, and even Japan for 4 ½ years and had the opportunity to perform with Mel Torme, Jack Jones, Maureen McGovern, and jazz drummer Buddy Rich on a live P.B.S. television special called “Sentimental Swing” (A tribute to Tommy Dorsey). After leaving the Tommy Dorsey Band Dave performed a 4-month tour with the Glenn Miller Orchestra under the direction of trombonist Larry O’Brien. Currently Dave is the first call trombonist at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, Wisconsin. He has performed for over 40 New York touring Broadway shows including The Producers, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Spamelot and Wicked. He has also performed for many celebrities including Franki Valli, Bobby Vinton, Kenny Rogers, Wayne Newton, Marie Osmond, Clay Aiken, Diane Schuur Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra Jr, Don Rickles, The Temptations and Aretha Franklin to name a few. Even though Dave resides in Appleton he also performs in Milwaukee and Chicago as well.

Alain Herregat.jpg

Alain Herregat
“ I am a amateur musicien but obsessed with trombones.
I had several trombones off different brands……king , conn , JpRath , Michael Rath , Kühln & Hoyer but finaly I found what’s best for me.

I have almost the total collection of Manfred’s trombones.
Model 1 copper , Model 2 silver / gold , Model 3 copper with rotax valve , Model 5 basstrombone 2 x Thayer.

There all wonderful…..what a collection.

Model 1 copper is very good in the high register……a real wonderful jazz trombone.

Model 2 silver gold is also very beautiful. Very nice engraving and a good combination with the gold on the inside of the bell. It has a bigger and warmer sound than Model 1. Is very good for bigband.
Very good in all the registers.

Model 3 , copper , rotax is a very good all round trombone. Very good smooth response off the rotax valve. The bell is bigger then Model 1 and 2 and has a bigger sound. I play this trombone in a wind orchestra.

Model 5 basstrombone. This one looks also stunning…..what a big trombone. It lies good in the hand. No worry about the weight. Very good balanced. And what a big sound. This is realy an eyecatcher.

All trombones have a wonderful engraving. These trombones are each a real masterpiece.

Keep up the good work Manfred. "

Marcelo Veliz Corona

Marcelo Veliz Corona from Cantabile, Spain. Famous Jazzplayer

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