There is a great number of professional musicians who are deeply impressed by the sound and the appearance of the Schmelzer Trombones, a fact that has been proved by numerous public References .
The musicians particularly emphasize the instruments' smooth and warm timbre, their full sound, and the immensely improved playing quality. Materials of finest quality are used in the production of these trombones, which meet the needs of today's discriminating musician.

However, to obtain such high quality results, it has been necessary, over many years, to gain experiences in caftmanship and design while working with these materials; especially as today's professional musician demands a high quality in materials, sound quality and playing technique.


To this day 5 models of the Schmelzer Trombones have been created.

picture 1

picture 2

Part of the CD :
"Bertil Strandberg"
(Model 2 - Gold)

The different tone color is produced by the form of the bells, partly by the material, the differences in the wall thicknesses, as well as by the drilling and form of the mouthpiece. It is this knowledge which creates the character of a mature and high-quality wind instrument.
For about 15 years we have produced our own line of trombones. It's a line of unique and handmade specimens, which are played by many internationally renowned musicians.

: Model Nr. 4-Ax (0,547) Bore, Axial flow valve,
changeable bells in yellow brass, gold-plated,
copper und sterling silver.

Model Nr.1 (sterling silver and
yellow brass gold-plated).
Here you get an idea of its
remarkably beautiful engraving.
Demo-Video Markus Plum with Schmelzer trombone Model Nr.1 in concert with the
Final Virus - Hard Rock Band.


New : Model Nr. 4-K (0,547) Bore
F-attm. (conventional) open wrap,
changeable bells in
yellow brass, gold-plated,
copper und sterling silver.

Manfred Schmelzer plays Modell No. 1

Ebba Åsman Quartet


Model Nr.1 Bore: .500" (12,7mm) Bell: 7,8"(19,5cm)
Model Nr.2 Bore: .508" (12,9 mm) Bell: 8" (20 cm)
Model Nr.3 Bore: .525" (13,3mm) Bell: 8,5" (22 cm)
Model Nr.4 Bore: .547" (13,8mm) Bell: 8,5" (22 cm)
Model Nr.5 Bore: .562" (......... ...) Bell: 9,5" (25 cm)
(Bass-Trombone, 2 axial valves, bore 0.562, Bell Goldbrass 0.5")

All instruments are gold-plated with 24 carat.

Models 1 thru 3 are available with a:

Nickelsilver Bell,
Goldbrass Bell,
Copper Bell,
Sterling Silver Bell
(for an extra charge)



If requested, we will produce this trombone
for you:

Model Nr. 5 :
2 Axial Valves
bore 0.562,
Bell Goldbrass 0.5"

Description of all Five Models of Schmelzer Trombones performed by Dave Sawall

Model #1: This model #1 is the lightest of the five and with a yellow brass bell and a very light nickel slide. This trombone has a very warm centered sound for a .500 bore with a very open sound with a quick response. It brightens nicely when pushed and would be a great horn for lead in a Big Band.

Model #2: This model #2 was my first Schmelzer and it is entirely gold plated. It is a very light horn with a fast slide. It has a warmer, bigger sound with more depth than the model #1 but brightens nicely when pushed. It would work great in a studio situation or for solo playing, and would work well for lead in a Big Band.

Model #3: This model #3 was one of the earlier ones built and is entirely gold plated and has beautiful engraving. This horn is light to hold but has a bigger sound than the model #1 or #2 yet with a warm open sound and works great for playing first part in a Wind Ensemble, or a Broadway Show.

Model #4: This model #4 is my newest trombone from Schmelzer. It has a beautiful gold plated engraved bell with a fast action and quiet Rotax valve. It also has a light brass slide. It has a beautiful open, warm, focused, and centered sound and has a quick response with good projection.

Model #5: This model #5 I am very proud of, because it was the first bass trombone with Rotax valves that Schmelzer made. It is a beautiful horn that is entirely gold plated and engraved. It has a velvety, round sound with a quick response. The valves are quiet and fast and the slide is quick and smooth.

Now you can get all models sandblased and goldplated.

Trial policy and terms

When we are ready to begin building your horn we will contact you to verify credit card information and bill you for a 50% deposit. It will take approximately 4 weeks to complete your horn (plating adds another two weeks). When it is ready to ship, we will email you with a tracking number and then bill your card with the remaining balance plus shipping charges.

International customers should be aware that additional import taxes may be in addition to purchase and shipping price. It is strongly recommended to check on what these fees are before ordering.

You will then have 15 days to try the horn. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund minus your shipping charges.

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