F l u t e s

Our flutes are durable in their construction and will provide years of outstanding performance with a minimum of maintenance.  The tone is warm and centered with good intonation throughout the entire scale.   Our head joints are designed to offer a quick and easy response.  The keywork is smooth and light allowing the player to maneuver around the instrument with ease.




Key of C, Silver Plated Head, Body & Foot, Closed Hole, Offset G, Case Included


Preferred Series, Deluxe Student Model,Key of C, Closed Hole, Multi Coat Silver Plated Head, Body & Foot, Offset G, Case Included


Preferred Series, Deluxe Student Model, Open Hole, Offset G, Split E Mechanism, Multi Coat silver Plated Head, Body & Foot, Case Included

Special Features

  • Multi-Coat Plating refers to a special plating process that we use to enhance the tone quality of our instruments.   The tone will be fuller and richer at all dynamic levels.
  • Offset G Key is important for young players because it allows for a small hand to reach the G key with greater ease.   As they become more comfortable with their finger placement, the player may want to move onto an In-line G key design type flute.  This feature is typically found on more advanced or professional instruments.
  • Split E Mechanism is intended to improve the pitch and control of the high E.   This note is problematic for most flutists and is corrected by having a split E key mechanism.  Available on our offset G type design flutes.  The split E mechanism closes off the upper G keys, which in turn forces the air to flow through the lower tone hole. This process of redirecting the airflow will improve the centering of the pitch and the overall control of the note. 

P i c c o l o s

Ease of response and great projection are the characteristics of our piccolos.  The tone is full, rich and even throughout the entire playing range.  Great projection without harshness is also characteristic of these fine instruments. Piccolo




Key of C ABS Plastic Body, Nickel Silver Head, Conical Bore


Key of C, ABS Plastic Body and Head, Conical Bore

Special Features

Piccolo with plastic bodies are very durable and offer a quality of sound that is similar to wood instruments. 
Ideal for all environments where temperature and humidity might be a problem.

  • Nickel silver head joints will achieve a brighter tone with more edge.
  • Conical bore refers to a graduated taper to the bore or inside diameter of tubing.

C l a r i n e t s

Our clarinets are very popular with students because of their easy response, smooth key action and beautiful tone.  The scale is even and our instruments respond well at all dynamic levels.  Quality and durability are also key features for our line.

Special Features

  • Plastic body instruments are intended to be more cost effective and require less maintenance.
  • Grenadilla Wood instruments will have a warmer, richer tone that is more resonant.   Wood requires more care and maintenance than plastic instruments and are more susceptible to cracking due to temperature and humidity changes. Thorough cleaning and periodic bore oil treatments will help to prevent the wood from cracking.
  • Under cut tone holes will greatly improve the response and fluidity of the scale of the instrument.   This feature is usually found on instruments that cost considerably more than ours.   This is a standard feature on all of our clarinets.







Key of Bb, ABS Plastic Body, Nickel Silver Keys

Under Cut Tone Holes


Preferred Series, Key of Bb, Deluxe Student Model, Wood Grain Finish, Nickel Silver Keys, Under Cut Tone Holes


Preferred Series, Key of Bb, Deluxe Student Model, Grenadilla Wood Body, Nickel Silver Key, Under Cut Tone Holes, Deluxe Case


Bb Bass Clarinet, Plastic Body, Silver Plated Nickel Silver Keys, Neck & Bell, Under Cut Tone Holes


Bb Bass Clarinet, Grenadilla Wood Body, Silver Plated Nickel Silver Keys, Neck & Bell, Range to Low Eb

Under Cut Tone Holes


Bb Bass Clarinet, Same as CN790 Except Range to Low C



O b o e s

Our oboe is made to the highest standards to achieve the optimum performance.  The tone is warm and resonant.  Intonation is accurate and the keywork is smooth and light.




Preferred Series, Key of C, Full Conservatory System, Brushed Plastic Body, Left Hand F-Key, 3rd Octave Key

F Resonance Key, Range to Low Bb,

French Style Case & Cover



Special Features

  • Full Conservatory System includes all trill keys Ab/Bb, G#/A, Double Ring D#/E, Left Hand C/D, Low B/C#
  • Left Hand F Key allows the player another option for fingering an F.   This key is essential for more advanced players in executing certain passages and in choosing the desired tone color which a forked F might not achieve.
  • 3rd Octave Key allows the player to reach notes above high D with greater ease
  • F Resonance Key will help to enhance the resonance and quality of pitch for the note F

B a s s o o n s

We have used very select woods that offer a warm resonant tone for our bassoons.  Our instruments respond well and have accurate pitch throughout the entire scale.   The quality of the tone color is consistent throughout the entire playing range as well.




Key of C, Heckel System, Maple Body, Short Bore Design, Silver Plated Nickel Silver Keys, One Bocal


Key of C, Heckel System, Select European Maple Body, short Bore Design, Ergonomically Designed Keywork, Silver Plated Nickel Silver Keys, High C, D, F# Trill Keys, Two Bocals Included, Deluxe Case


Special Features

  • Heckel System is the full key work system used on many professional model bassoons.  Includes high C, D, F# Trill keys.
  • Ergonomically Designed Keys are designed to fit the players hands better for great finger dexterity and comfort
  • Select European Maple Wood is used for making the BS950.   The wood is selected for its tone quality and is naturally aged in our facility.
  • Short Bore Design offers a more open tone quality allowing the player to “sing” in the solo register.